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Owners: Rose & Neil Bayliss

Address: 4 La Verrerie, 79390 La Ferriere en Parthenay

UK: +44 (0)7801 273534‬ (Mobile)
Fr : +33 (0)6 31 01 23 52 (Mobile)
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Travel Arrangements
By Air Ryanair flies out of Stanstead Airport, London to Poitiers. Check their web site for flight schedules. Poitiers Airport is a 25min travel time to our complex. Arrangements can be made to collect holiday makers from the Airport. Other airlines operate from East Midlands and Luton to Nantes, Limousin and La Rochelle. These airports are approximately 2 hours from us and would need car hire to transfer from the airport.
By Road The are a number of channel crossing options, these being Dover, New Haven, Portsmouth and the channel tunnel. The operators include P&O Ferries, LD Lines, Brittany Ferries and Euro Tunnel.

Our recommendation is LD Lines from NewHaven to Dieppe, which is a 4.5hr - 6.0hr journey to our complex. If you choose to use the French motorways, there will be a toll charge in the region of 40 Euros. Route details can be supplied on request.
By Rail Trains out of St Pancras Station, London travel through the Euro tunnel to Lille or Paris, where the French TGV train can be boarded. This is France's premier high speed service to the south of France, stopping at Poitiers. Travel time from Lille to Poitiers is 3.5hrs. Arrangements can be made to collect holiday makers from the station.